Devin Dearing Preston: NYC writer, playwright, and storyteller



Stories help shape our lives. Not just for storytellers and writers, but for everyone. They are the connective tissue that holds the events of our lifetimes together. They add meaning and focus to the chaos of the world around us, while also generously providing a lens that allows others a glimpse through our own unique perspectives. Not only are they are the oldest tool in human existences for differentiating ourselves from the pack, they also are unmatched in their ability to bring all of us closer together. I live for a good story. I also believe that by refining our personal sagas we can regain some sense of control over our own lives as we understand them and gradually move closer to realizing our own limitless potential.

Never underestimate the power of a great story to affect change. My work is about helping you find, articulate and understand the potential in your own personal story. We then work together on practical ways to use this refined narrative to transform your personal experience. This service is part mentor, part editor, part collaborator and part coach. I am helping you arrive at a narrative that satisfies you, and leaving you with tools to continue to refine and deepen your personal understanding of self. And, it really works.

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Personal Growth

Our personal stories define our experiences. Everyone has a personal narrative. Whether it’s conscious or not, we all have this story we tell ourselves about who we think we are and what we think we want. It’s colored with past experiences, personal preferences, personal disappointments and moments of growth, plus hopes for the future. It’s a tool we all use, whether we’ve ever given it much thought or not, to help us understand how we belong in the world around us. If we belong at all.

For many people, taking time to explore this story, can help unlock a greater sense of self worth and endless personal potential. In a series of sessions, our work together will focus primarily on your narrative as it exists currently. Through our work on this narrative, a deeper more complete sense of self can begin to emerge. With greater knowledge of self comes greater power over your life and your choices in it. Eventually, your personal narrative can start to reflect a more fluid experience of infinite self. This will lead you towards growth, opportunity and unimaginable fulfillment.

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Business Growth

This is a more practical application of narrative work. We will work together on language that accurately defines how you see your business. Through applied storytelling, we will endow your product or service with a unique experiential narrative, that will effectively set you apart. The work we do will help connect you on a more personal level with your current and future clients. Through story, we will unlock the heart of your business and grow it out of this clarity and truth.

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Professional Growth

Building a successful career might be as simple as telling the right story about it. Language and how we use it to define our struggles can have a big impact on how those struggles start to shift our experiences. This work on career can be done independently of the personal narrative work, but I find they function best when applied together.

We will apply the same tools of affective story telling to the narrative of your business. By understanding the story you have been telling yourself about success and failure, you can begin to unlock pathways you didn’t know were available to you all along. I’ll help you explore new ways to define success and help you construct a strong business narrative that allows room for prosperity and expanding knowledge within your field and yourself.

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