Devin Dearing Preston: NYC writer, playwright, and storyteller

Kidding Aside

Some day I’ll be able to put the jokes away and live in the uncomfortable truths of life. Probably not any time soon, but someday. In the far away distant future life will be life, funny or not, and I’ll finally be okay with that, maybe.

Currently, my default is to laugh about things now, and think about them later. Much later. Maybe my future self will be better equipped to deal with these truths. If not, she can pass them along to her future self. I’ll be long gone by then anyway, so I trust they can sort it out. This blog is for them (and you too, I guess) to look at, in case anyone is curious about what led said future self to the place she will no doubt find herself. Based on all my backwards reasoning and general confusion about most things, I hope she be able to see her lot was inevitable and not be too mad at me.

It’s confusing by design, people. If my thinking made actual sense, I wouldn’t have the need to laugh about it in the first place, see? Kidding Aside entry’s defy category. It’s for one off thoughts that I probably shouldn’t share, but will because I couldn’t think of any good reason not to. It is a more personal self evaluating place, where I attempt to get real with myself about where I think I am and where I appear to be heading, even though all evidence would suggest that I actually haven’t got the first clue. There is whimsy in the futility of it all, don’t you think? I like that. Hope you do to.