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See Jane Give Up Dick

See Jane Give Up Dick

“Ten men waiting for me at the door? Send one of them home, I’m tired.”
– Mae West

As far as sexual liberation goes, women of our generation have been allowed every freedom. Ladies, if you can make peace with the nasty stigma, sex is something you too are allowed to enjoy, within reason. After years of personal sexual discovery, I realized that I had accidentally traipsed miles from my home. I had to take some pretty drastic measures to find my way back. Namely, a year of self imposed celibacy.

This is not every woman’s experience with sex. It is mine. I tackle big issues like body image, sexual shame, a need for validation, and self worth in a light hearted, fun, tongue-in-cheek sort of way. Plus, you’ll find an endless supply of dick jokes. Who doesn’t love a good dick joke?

People have really responded to this blog. The taboo’s around sex, even in the 21st century, have left this topic relatively unexamined. Jane isn’t afraid of tackling anything. Especially if it’s a little naughty. The only thing more shocking than Jane’s colorful past, is her audacity to swear off men completely. Poor Dick, never saw it coming. See Jane discover if celibacy can be more rewarding than multiple orgasms. Watch her struggle with this choice, every inch of the way.
See Jane Give up Dick, is now a one act play.

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