Devin Dearing Preston: NYC writer, playwright, and storyteller

Take Ten

A small amount of time can reveal an entire story. Life is happening every moment. There are a lot of moments inside of ten minutes time.This blog is dedicated to plays of ten minutes in length or less. These brief encounters with new characters in varying scenes are to help me the writer explore many different themes, without the added pressure of creating a full length production. Letting the little moments be full in and of themselves.

Wether they are parts of a bigger whole or characters trapped in this singular space, can function for me as a workshop space, much the way the rest of this blog functions. Through practice and exploring characters and settings that interest me, I hope to breath more life into my longer projects and understand myself and the world around me a little better. While also giving you an opportunity to experience art and the creation of new work as an ongoing process as well.

I invite you to participate in the comments section. Let me know how this experiment made you feel. Positive and constructive commentary on the work as you experienced it will help me hone my intention and strengthen my ability to communicate more clearly. Leave feedback in relation to which characters you responded to, who you would like to know more about, and wether the scenes uncovered a truth that you appreciated or if they really didn’t effect you at all. I invite the opportunity to have a dialogue as my work develops and I thank you for engaging in the process.